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Are you tired of recounting money at the end of the day? Would you like to make sure bills are not counterfeit? Does your currency counter make unnecessary stops while counting?

Let Cassida machines breeze you through the enhanced money counting experience. Accurate, reliable and featuring special error prevention software, Cassida machines will become your smart personal assistants.

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The Central Bank of the UAE has announced the new Dh200 denomination note into circulation, reprinted with tactile marks for the blind and sight impaired.
Cassida has ensured that its equipment remains compatible with the new Dh200 bill. As a result, all Cassida products are fully compatible with the new Dh200 bill.

For more information about the new Dh200 bill and its security features, visit http://khaleejtimes.com/assets/jpg/KT564136.JPG




Cassida Zeus software allows users to calculate value of foreign currencies in AED

Cassida Middle East has just released supplemental software for its Cassida Zeus 2 pocket discriminator that allows the unit to calculate multiple currencies into AED dollars. 

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